Bar & cocktails

Wherever you are in our leisure park, in solo or with friends, enjoy a pause with our various and delicious cocktails and refreshments. Our ginger beer is simply amazing:!


Never get bored with friends, some fresh drinks and a game of pool.
Our pool tables ensure professional standard of quality and maintenance.


First time car stunt - Drifts & jump

Unique in Europe, Enjoy a unique and fulfilling experience - Get on board and vibrate for 10 crazy minutes of car stunts!

New as from 2020

Bowling - 10 tracks

A perfect night with friends, family, some fresh drinks and bowling. Our brand new bowling tracks are just waiting for you - a perfect post-lockdown activity.

New system and mini games

Indoor Karting and nighty lighting

Ultra modern and secured for kids and adults, in teams or solo - give it a try, put away your gamepad and grab the wheel!

New track


The largest laser game in Europe, with no equivalence, 32 simultaneous players, get lost in our futuristic labyrinth and try on our various game modes.

1300m2 on 3 floors